Spring Cleaning

March 23, 2009 at 2:12 pm Leave a comment

Spring has sprung and you can’t tell me otherwise! The Starlings hang out on the cables outside my living room window puffing up their feathers as they sing to each other, and I have this irresistible urge to repaint my apartment. Yes, Spring has sprung.

This is typically the time of year that most people start to open their closets and garages and take a serious look at what they’ve accumulated over the past year. What should go and what should stay is foremost on our minds. Spring cleaning is no easy task but as we chip away at it, little by little, an amazing thing happens…our minds lighten, our eyes brighten, and our lives become freer. There is a definite psychological bonus to clearing out the clutter.

But where do you begin? Under the beds? In the closets? Up in the attic? Well, that’s a personal choice, but here’s something to consider…how about within yourself? We focus so much energy on organizing our surroundings, in making it aesthetically pleasing, in caring for a lifetimes worth of knick knacks, but how much time do we spend on cleaning out the cobwebs and clutter that have built up inside us?

One way to sweep the dust from your soul is to connect with people. Whether you’re volunteering, visiting friends, working with the public, or just making a point of saying hello to people you pass when you go for a walk. We’re social creatures, we need each other. You could also be proactive and take a class in something that interests you. This is a good way to meet people that have similar interests to your own. Or, you could take part in a community activity, such as an Earth Day clean-up or an MS Walk. Nothing makes the soul sparkle like giving.

Other possibilities for clearing away the inner clutter:
-Go for a walk. It’s amazing how open the mind is after a brisk walk in the sunshine.
-Watch the sun rise. Just remember to sit facing East.
-Write in your journal, penning down all the stuff that crowds your mind.
-Draw. Paint.

Or … you could clean out your closets.


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