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Every crafter has a stash of materials stuffed in all the nooks and crannies of their home. Every crafter has an extensive personal library of patterns to organize and maintain. The materials are one thing, but that long list of projects you want to make means there is as many (at least) patterns hiding somewhere to go with them. If you’re like me, you have a multitude of patterns that you don’t have supplies for and every once in a while you page through the pattern books, magazines and binders of cut-outs imagining when you might find the time (probably when you’re 80) to make all of those wonderful things. And if you’re like me, you spend time (translates as hours) surfing the net in search of more crafting inspiration…and you find it and save it to your computer. But then what? You can print it, adding to your already hazardously tall mountain of patterns. Or you can leave it saved on the computer and look at it from time-to-time until you are ready to print it off and use it.
Have you ever noticed how your documents list keeps getting longer and longer? There’s this mish mash of text files, pattern files, important files, useless files…. Well, it is almost Spring and what better time to give your computer a good cleaning and organize those miscellaneous files so that they’re easier on the eyes and easier to find!
Let’s begin with the wonderful array of crafting files you’ve been collecting. Some are probably in your Pictures but I’m guessing most of them are in your Documents. No matter where they are, find them all and move them to one spot… “My Documents”. This way, when you do go to print them, they won’t print off in photo mode. Once all of your pattern files in are in “My Documents”, create a file called “Patterns”. Open that file and create subfolders with titles like “Crochet”, “Knit”, “Sewing”, “Scrapbook”, “”. Now start moving those pattern files you’ve collected into the relevant subfolders. If, like me, you want to go one step further, open subfolders in your subfolders so that you can organize patterns for each craft even more. I have subfolders for things like sweaters, skirts, accessories, hats, etc.
With just a few clicks of the mouse I can find any pattern on my computer easily. This same technique can be used for pictures. I have a file in “My Pictures” called “Inspiration” and in there I store pictures I have found online that inspire my crafting. They are pictures of adorable outfits, colour combinations, fancy detailing…all the things that make clothes and accessories stand out in a crowd. None of those files have text with them, they are only pictures, but they are all organized in the same manner as the patterns on my computer.
Good luck with your Spring cleaning!


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