Knitted Dish Cloth

I thought I’d take a wee bit of a break from my crochet designs to try my hand at designing a knitted dish cloth. I went for something that would be fairly easy for a beginning knitter, while still keeping it interesting. Here is the end result….


Tiled Dish Cloth

The pattern for this dish cloth is sold in a kit. The kit includes: 50g cotton yarn, knitting needles, and the pattern. This would make a wonderful gift for teens and adults, alike! This kit is sold by OTBcreations. To request price and colour choices or for any other questions, write to .


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I have been neglecting my posts because I’ve been on what is known as a stay-cation. Unlike a vacation, where you go to some other place to enjoy R&R, a staycation means you stay at home (or near to home). For my staycation, I’ve been house-sitting for my Mom. I decided to pretend that I was at a resort, soaking up the suns rays, reading, napping, crafting a little. So, I haven’t been home to take phone calls, business has been put on hold, and my crafting was on the back burner while I cleared my head and took some time off from the daily bump and grind.
I will soon return home and I will pick up where I left off. This includes updating my blogs and taking pictures of some of the items I’ve been knitting and crocheting while staycationing 🙂

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Crochet Classes

Beginning the week of July 6th, I will be hosting Beginner Crochet Classes in my home. The fee is $58 and includes: yarn to make two projects, a 4mm crochet hook, patterns, 5 hours total instruction time and refreshments! Wow! What a deal! I will also be including some of my original patterns as a bonus!

What are the projects for this class?  With the help of my daughter, I narrowed it down to the Summer In The City Purse (Crochet! magazine, July 2009 issue)

Summer In The City Purse

and the Hat (Crochet, by Anne Akers Johnson).


I am super excited about the class because there is nothing I enjoy more than teaching others the fun and fabulous art of crochet!

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Everyone Loves A Teddy

Teddy bears are comforting, whether you’re in the mood to cuddle or just feel that inner child coming out. They also make adorable subjects for accessories, like this Teddy Bear Camera Case I made for my daughter. Click on the link below for the FREE pattern 🙂


Teddy bears also make great models! Much better than any baby doll!

Sporting a Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation, my daughter’s teddy is a fashion sensation!


My version of the cap is knitted with Lang Yarns Maxi Tosca #3986. I just love the self-striping pattern and the luxe colouring. The cap is also worked on needles one size smaller than recommended in the pattern, so it will fit a child’s head. Isn’t it adorable?!

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Rock N Roll

So I’m sitting at my kitchen table with some odd balls of yarn spread out before me, tapping my pen on my notebook and wondering what to make. I get up, make a coffee, sit down and tap, tap, tap some more. I work best with music playing in the background, usually something low-key and relaxing, but this time I wanted something else. Enter AC/DC Razor’s Edge…

With head bobbing, foot tapping and pen drumming on my notebook, inspiration struck! Little graphs with black notes floated before my eyes, cross-stitched guitars wailed while crossed drum sticks tapped a beat on an ivory skull! Ink started flowing onto paper and pretty soon  I had the makings of the Rock N Roll Series of crochet pattern ideas before me.

The first pattern is this sweet pink and black bag with floating musical notes…


This pattern is designed for beginner crocheters and teaches the single crochet stitch, double crochet stitch, how to change colours, attaching panels using single crochet, working from a graph and making rope ties. For pattern, please write to .

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Lucky Number Seven


1. Learn a handicraft from another country while in that country  

2. Have my own LYS

3. Learn the lyrics to every Beatles song       p1000383

4. See as much of Canada as possible

5. Publish a book of knit/crochet patterns

6. See my Great Grandkids

7. Learn to fly a kite



1. Two beautiful children that bring joy to my life

2. Smiles and laughter

3. Closets that hide my craft supplies

4. Forgiveness

5. Freedom

6. French fries and Vanilla milk shakes

7. Each day that I get to share with all of you 🙂



1. Joked around with my son and laughed unabashedly !

2. Knitted the first of two deep red Spatz’

3. Visited with the folks

4. Listened to disk 1 of The Wisdom Of Forgiveness-Intimate Conversations and Journeys by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Victor Chan audio CD

5. Strutted my stuff !

6. Stuck to the grocery list even though the cookies were calling my name!

7. Rediscovered some pattern ideas and patted myself on the back for being so darn creative!


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Bits and Pieces

Hiding within the voluminous mountain of yarn I call my Stash are a few ziploc bags with bits and pieces leftover from projects I have made. I was once heavily into plastic canvas work so I was able to use up those scraps of yarn quite easily, but I haven’t worked with plastic canvas in a while. So what to do with all those little bits of colourful yarn sealed up and stashed away?

Coin purses.

Crocheted Coin Purse

Yes, I’m merrily working away on my…let’s see…sixth coin purse today and I’m loving the way they’re turning out. Find the free pattern  at They are SUPER EASY to make!

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